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Ideas & Execution


Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling & Animation

Visual effects posts unlimited possibilities to your short films, TV commercials, and movies.  We do anything from motion graphics to full 3D rendered animations, contact us for more info of how to bring your most creative ideas to live.

Direction, Production & Editing

When it comes to video productions what it takes are a good director, an experienced camera man, and post production editor, and even a voice-over artist.  We have a whole team of all the professionals you'll ever need to make your cinematography video project.

Film Clapboard
Webiste Design, Web Graphic Design

Web Graphic Design

As much as we liked to have a website coder to take care of all the coding part of a website design project, we did realize that this is a big portion of costs to be borne by client.  In Workshopfx, we use code-ready platform to build websites so our clients can allocate more attention to the creativeness and ideas of the design without being charged for coding.  Again, the idea is what makes one design different from another.

Art Direction, Branding & Photography

The Visual Identity is the first impression of a corporation, so start it right with the right tool and the right group.  We design everything from logo and business card, to letterhead and envelop, even stationary, the whole package.

Visual Design, Art Direction, Branding & Photography
Special Effects, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling & Animation
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